Sync links between your phone and PC with ease


Add links on Tabbd to open them immediately or later on your Google Chrome. Download the associated Tabbd Chrome extension on your PC to sync links between your mobile and PC in real time. Opt to open individual links or open all in separate tabs by clicking the 'Open All' button, the control is in your hand.

Why Tabbd is
for you

Syncing links with your PC has never been easier.

Add Links

Add links by using the add action button and watch them appear on your chrome extension in real time

Share links

Select a link, press share and select Tabbd from the list of sharing apps to directly add links to sync

Offline Support

Add links even when offline and Tabbd will sync it the next time you're online

Watch the

Tabbd helps you store links which would otherwise be a pain to find and helps you catch up with them, whenever and wherever. Whether you're on the commute with just your phone or relaxing at home with your laptop, Tabbd has you covered.


Creative Design/

A power-friendly color palette and data caching keep both power and data consumption at bay

Modern Look/

RecyclerView is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView for displaying large data sets

Scalable Backend/

Google Firebase provides a robust and scalable backend system to support Tabbd's growing app base

/PC ready

Use Google Chrome and connect with the associated extension on any PC

/Responsive Ready

Fits any modern screen size including phones, phablets and tablets

/Clean Code

Code refactored 1,00,000+ times to keep it clean


Clean deleted, canceled and failed files from download history at the click of a button



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